Creating a brand for a small retailer. Project included logo creation, and brand identity for an online and bricks and mortar store.

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teapot and packs of drinking chocolate

Gourmet Fusion

The Gourmet Fusion store sold an eclectic selection of international food and kitchen products.

Popular items included teapots, teas, Spanish paella pans, and kitchen linens.

Asian inspired teapots

The brand identity and logo had to reflect the eclectic mix of products and international atmosphere of the store.

Contemporary serving tagines

The store had an online presence and a bricks and mortar store.

The logo and colors had to be easily presented through all avenues of sale.

Woks and Asian inspired products

The merchandise was often presented in the physical store in themes, such as color.

However, items were organized in categories in the online store, and displayed individually.

Creme Brulee Ceramics

Foods and ceramics from the same regions were often grouped together.

Jars of Spanish sauces are displayed with Spanish ceramics in the store.

Spanish food

The logo was designed to show items similar to those sold in the store.

The design was reproduced for business cards and letterhead.

Business cards

The Gourmet Fusion store often gave food demonstrations at stores and galas.

T-shirts and aprons showing the logo were worn by the staff at these events.

Logo merchandise

The Gourmet Fusion store website featured the colorful logo.

Ample white space helped display the products to best advantage.

Gourmet Fusion website

Featured products, and recipes linked to blog articles, and special events.

Products and recipes

The final logo showing vibrantly colored products, against a white background.

The logo reflects products sold in the store, and font also conveys an exotic impression.

Gourmet Fusion logo